How to use Android Tablet as a second monitor on your PC (Twomon air) | Smartphone / IPAD | WiFi/USB

Well its obvious that anyone would love to use a external to speed up the daily work on our PC like editing videos, multitasking. But it does held us back with some circumstance well it could be financial.

Students like can't afford the gadget we wish every time we want. And if you have one extra to ease up the work, its not possible to drag that extra monitor to wherever you go with you. Well if you're a YouTuber its becomes a fact for you.

As we visit somewhere that extra set of monitor becomes useless. Hold your horses, I have a simple solution for you.  

Wouldn't it be great if you can use your existing Smartphone / Tablet / Ipad as that second monitor you wanted ya ?

For LAZies like me I have done a video where I showed all the process by my hand take a look at this link/video

On that case you will just need have 2 things hold up its up to no cost. Just download and install 2 Apps 1 on your PC, other 1 on the dashing Tablet you have. Here solves the financial and flexibility problem. Its FREE and you can bring your Tablet anywhere with your Laptop, and you're good to go. 




1. After Downloading and Installing these two separate application. Connect your desired devices into same WiFi network.

2. Open up the two apps you will see this screen in android. Click on Close.

Now you will see your connected PC icon and Name, like this click on your PC.

3. Here on your PC there will be a Pop up like this, Click YES !

4. Now on Smartphone or  TAB there will be connecting process happening like this

5. After a while TaDa your pc screen is extended on your Tablet / Smartphone

Here are some of my activities to show it works

So, Here you see it works MAGIC HA?