YouTube latest Android Patched / Cracked APK with Background Playback

Who doesn't use YouTube now a days ? Yes, can you find a person who doesn't anything about YT or doesn't uses. No right.

It's obvious. So, today's post will be about YouTube Patch/Crack ! Yeah, you heard it right YT Crack. For a long I am using YouTube to listen songs, watching HowTo videos. When we are using PC, we can easily minimize, maximize the tabs right ?

But the problems comes with the Smartphone versions. Unlike PC/Laptop we can't multitask or play YT music/song in background. So, I have created a patch for Android users to play any YouTube videos/songs in background just like your MP3 player which really come in handy.

Overall Features:

1. Background Playback
2. No Ads

So the requirements are you smartphone have to rooted, no I was joking LOL. You just have to download a patched APK file, Install it. Yeah that's it.


These are the proofs that this modd is working. Download it from down below

 Thank for download this app please visit us again.

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