Best Virtual Router MyPublicWiFi to take over from Connectify, mHotspot | Internet sharing Hotspot application

Many of you know, there are some crazy bunch off Internet sharing Hotspot / Virtual Router apps for Windows and MAC available out there. While some of those application works, some are not. We have been posting about those apps for a long time.

This time on here, WePost we wanted to share this new but simple Internet sharing application for Windows PC's/laptops which can turn your PC or, laptop to Wi-Fi wireless access point. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing. 

Well you can say it's pretty much the same app like Connectfiy, mHotspot. So, why should I use it ?

The perfect ANS will be like these,

1. Connectify is not FREE at all. So, for users in many countries who haven't access to a MasterCard then the choice is bad. And if you will be using it Illegally through cracking this app will easily track and cut down those crack features. 

And it can't share any dial-up or modem connection with it's trial version.

2. mHotspot, well it was a great app and FREE. But, I have been seeing to many users to complain about it's in app problem like 

mHotspot device connected but have no Internet access ! 
mHotspot can't find " Virtual Adapter " drivers !

 and many more problem to explain. So, I have researching for Virtual Router apps for a long time. At last got this crazy Internet sharing Hotspot app called " MyPublicWiFi " 

This app can be an ideal solution for setting up a temporary Access Point in a hotel room,meeting room,at home or the like with any kind of connection. Whether it's Ethernet, Dial-Up, Modem, WiMax connection. Whatsoever it has no driver problem around its users. 

To DOWNLOAD " MyPublicWiFi " Click on the Download now icon below !

What do you think about this new and other apps we've described ? You can tell us in comment. If you are having any kind of problem in installing this application then be sure to tell us. Take care and visit us again.


  1. I can't connect my pc with MyPublicWiFi. I use windows 7. How can i connect my pc with my smartphone? Can anyone help me?