Get 2GB free storage on Google Drive Today

Want some more space for your documents? Of course you do. Well, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive for free today. Here’s how.
For Safer Internet Day 2016, Google is giving away another 2GB of free storage for your Drive, Gmail, and Photos. 
All you need to to is head to Google and run through a very brief security update—checking that your backup email address is correct, renewing account permissions, that kind of thing. For a couple of minutes of work, you’ll be given 2GB of extra storage on Drive. What are you waiting for? Go do it.
Google ran a similar promo last year, but you'll still get 2GB of space even if you claimed it last time. Often times these type of promotions expire after a year, so it's nice to see Google not place any limits on the bonus storage. The free offer coincides with Safer Internet Day 2016, which is meant to promote safe and secure usage of technology and smartphones.

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