Watch out Siri, Cortana is coming to the iOS and Android

Apple Siri maybe the most well known smartphone assistant that answers your voice command but she has got some competition...

Now Microsoft  has its own version called Cortana. You’ll find her windows phone and upcoming windows 10 operating system for pc’s. And the good news is she is not limited to windows. Microsoft announced Cortana to be available on iPhone and Android through an app. This Cortana app will first come to android in late June and the iPhone version later this year.

While Cortana on iOS or Android won’t be as powerful as the Windows variant, due to various integrations, Microsoft is still providing notification support. You’ll get notifications for sports results, flights, and most of the Cortana features that currently exist in the Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions of the digital assistant. 

 Microsoft’s Cortana cross-platform work is all part of a new phone companion experience for bringing services and features from Windows 10 to all smartphones. Microsoft’s phone companion will help Windows 10 PC owners find relevant apps on their Android, Windows, or iOS phones to make use of OneNote, OneDrive, and many other apps and services.

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