ROBI Boishakhi Jhoro Offer ! (Detail)

Handset Offers

Robi is offering up to 50% discounts on many of the world-famous 3G-enabled smartphones! Below tabulated is their Market Retail Prices versus our offering prices:
Handset ModelCurrent Market Price (BDT)Robi DiscountDiscounted Robi Price (BDT)
Symphony W16 (3G)4,80030%3,360
Symphony W22 (3G)4,85030%3,395
Symphony W65i5,29030%3,703
Symphony W858,79030%6,153
Symphony W918,25030%5,775
Symphony W1288,99030%6,293
Nokia Lumia 5308,95030%6,265
Samsung Star Pro7,50030%5,250
Samsung Trend8,50030%5,950
LG L7014,99030%10,493
Nokia Lumia 63012,99030%9,093
Nokia Lumia 53511,50030%8,050
LG G Pro Lite24,99050%12,495
Symphony P10 (Phablet)15,99030%11,193
LG G239,99050%19,995
LG L80+18,25030%12,775
Samsung Core18,50030%12,950
Samsung Grand 226,50030%18,550
Samsung S333,00030%23,100
Samsung S3 Neo32,00030%22,400
Samsung Note 3 Neo47,00030%32,900
Huawei Honor 633,50030%23,450
iPhone 6 (16 GB)*73,28529%52,020

* To enjoy the 29% discount, customers have to purchase a 2-year talktime-internet bundle of BDT 31,956.
* The bundle will be disbursed within a maximum of 72 hours.

Handset related information:
• Customers can purchase the handsets from the Robi Customer-Care centers or from
• Information regarding the handset offers is available in, newspaper inners, or
• Only Robi prepaid customers are qualified to purchase the discounted handsets.
• Robi employees are not eligible for these discounted handsets.
• One Robi connection is eligible to have only one discounted handset.
• Handset stock is valid for 3 days – from 13 - Apr 2015 to 15 Apr 2015.

Voice-Internet-SMS Bundle Offers

Robi is offering a HUGE 50% discount on 4 very attractive voice-internet-SMS bundles! Below tabulated are the bundle details:
Bundle Price inclu. of VAT (Tk.)Validity (Months)Robi-Robi Min.Robi-Others Min.Internet (GB)SMSUSSD Dial CodeRe-charge Amount (Tk.)
------How to purchase

Voice-Internet-SMS Bundle related information:
• These bundles will be applicable for all Robi prepaid customers only.
• Prepaid customers can purchase all 4 bundles using the USSD Dial Codes (given in the table above).
• Prepaid customers can also recharge Tk. 699 to avail the 699 bundle and Tk. 999 to avail the 999 bundle.
• Prepaid customers will receive the bundle minutes/internet/SMS instantly.
• Customers can use a maximum of 300 Robi-Robi minutes, 100 Robi-Other Operators minutes, 1 GB internet, and 100 SMS in 30 days over the validity period.
• The combo of 300 Robi-Robi minutes, 100 Robi-Other Operators minutes, 1 GB internet, and 100 SMS will be disbursed to the customers’ bonus accounts at the end of every 30-day period over the validity period.
• The minutes can be used for local numbers only.
• For international calls and short code dials, regular charges will apply.
• Bundle minutes are restricted for the following:
Robi Prepaid PackageRestrictions
All except Shasroyee, Ananna, and MuhurtoBoth FnF and Partner Restricted
ShorolPartner Restricted
Robi ClubNo restriction
Shorol 21Partner Restricted
ShasroyeeFnF Restricted
AnannaPartner Restricted
MuhurtoFnF Restricted
• Internet bundles can be used in both 2G and 3G environment.
• SMS can be both Robi-Robi and Robi-other operators.
• Bundle voice minutes and internet can be used 24 hours of the day.
• Bundle SMS can be used from 12 midnight to 5 PM.
• Bundle minutes/internet/SMS cannot be transferred through balance transfer.
• Customers can buy the bundles as many times as they want.
• After consumption of bundle minutes in the given validity period, package-wise regular tariff will apply.
• After consumption of bundle internet in the given validity period, Tk. 0.01/10 Kb will apply (PPU).
• After consumption of bundle SMS in the given validity period, package-wise regular tariff will apply.
• There can be a maximum of 5 internet packs at a time.
• Unused bundle minutes and SMS allocated for one month will not be carried forward to the next month.
• Unused bundle internet allocated for one month will be carried forward to the next month.
• All other tariffs/benefits will remain unchanged.
• Customers can avail bundle information using the following dial codes:
          o Robi-Robi Bundle Minutes query code: *222*2#
          o Robi-Other Operators Bundle Minutes query code: *222*9#
          o Internet query code: *8444*88#
          o SMS query code: *222*12#
• For prepaid customers, 10 sec pulse is applicable for the bundle minutes.
• All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT.

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