Behold Skype, Viber: WhatsAPP is coming with FREE calling feature !

Seems to emerging more of the SM Market WhatsAPP is going to open a option with calls on it's app.

According to BGR India, WhatsApp started beta testing internet calls with some users. This new feature brings some minor changes to the app’s interface, including a separate tab that lists voice call activity, according to the source, and it works on 3G and EDGE networks—networks that are cheaper and tend to be more widespread in emerging markets such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and China.

With its pleasingly uncluttered (read: ad-free) interface, WhatsApp has attracted a gargantuan user base of more than 700 million monthly active users worldwide. And though the market of dead-simple and dirt-cheap apps and services for the developing world is growing crowded, it has entrenched itself as a frontrunner in the competition. If it can grab some of the market share away from its challengers, especially those with a strong focus on voice calling, like Viber and Skype, it will be able to secure an even better position for itself.

Meanwhile, there won’t be any shortage of interest in these apps and services from the giants of the tech world, as they continue to track the market to try and leverage new opportunities. That’s why Facebook bought WhatsApp in the first place, and Google supposedly wants to build its own mobile messaging competitor. So, behold Skype, Viber, Tango...

It's the time !

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